Saturday, July 26, 2008

The little family that could

The Little Family

The Little family - Steve, Sheona, Tyrece, Tiara and Tamel - has been truly blessed. Steve is a math teacher in the Harrisburg School District. Sheona, a housewife and full-time mother, is finishing her bachelor’s degree. One thing they always wanted for their children was a school that best fit their children’s educational needs. This task seemed very hard at first; Steve and Sheona didn’t have the income or resources to do this. After many attempts with various daycare centers and schools, the Little Family finally found a school that had everything they were looking for. A few years ago, they enrolled Tyrece and Tiara into Emmanuel Baptist Christian Academy. Tamal followed a few years later. Everyone really fell in love with this school and they are very grateful that an EITC scholarship was presented to us. Without this help, Tyrece, Tiara and Tamel would not be able to attend this school – the school that is best for them.

This scholarship has made it possible for these children to continue to attend Emmanuel Baptist Christian Academy. Without this scholarship, the Little's would have no option and their children would be forced to attend a public school.

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